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Random Surprises in Harajuku and Shibuya

I am always pleasantly surprised by different pop-ups, collaborations, or interesting things I didn't know about before arriving on my travels! It's the beauty of the adventures, like finding treasure without a map! Luckily, I always seem to find out or hear about cool things whenever I am in Japan! Here are a few surprises from my trip.

Sebastian Masuda x TsumTsum Collaboration

The collaboration Sebastian Masuda did with Tsum Tsum was one thing I did know about, so I had to head to the Disney Store location to see it with my own eyes! Sebastian posted about this collaboration on his twitter account and as soon as I saw the photos of the products, I fell in love! Everything was just so cute, as I've been a Tsum Tsum fan/player for many years. The collaboration items were displayed on the first floor of the store right at the entrance, so I was able to spot them right away. Shop manager Yui of 6%DOKIDOKI was able to help me grab some items during the online release, so I didnt make any purchases in store.

Beyblade X Training Centre

I received a special request from Kyelor (since he wasn't able to join me on this trip) to visit a Beyblade pop-up that was happening in Shibuya. We play Beyblades at home and he loves them a lot, so I needed to make sure I checked this out for him. The pop-up event was an interactive experience, where attendees could try out the new Beyblades and face other attendees in a match. There were several bey-stadiums set up for people to battle, and I was able to have a face off between someone else who was there alone! What I thought was going to turn into a tie was my defeat LOL (I won round 1 but lost 2 and 3!)


Have you heard of Chiitan before? This chaotic mascot has various social media channels where they cause mischief and havoc, despite their cute appearance. While I was walking back from the Disney Store in Shibuya on my way to Harajuku, I say Chiitan across the street!!!! I was so excited and my brain automatically planned a safe route to get to Chiitan, hopefully before they walked away. I went to the nearest crosswalk and eagerly awaited the light to change. As soon as it did, I briskly walked to Chiitan! I asked for a photo and also told Chiitan I was from Canada and have watched their videos before haha! This was a rare sighting, according to my Japanese friends who have never seen Chitan in person before! You can tell by my face that I was very excited hehehe~!

WEGO x Pizza Hut Collaboration

Sometimes I get lucky on my travels and find cool collaborations with different brands, characters, ect. This time around, WEGO was doing a collab with.....Pizza Hut! They had a collection of garments and accessories of Pizza Hut inspired goods! This definitely made me laugh because I wasn't expecting to see delivery box shaped purses and a mesh top that had a zoom in print of pizza. What caught my eye enough to buy it was the Pizza Hut Menu Mesh Top!!! Something about it just gravitated me towards it. Not to mention, I love pizza a lot and I think its one of those foods that.....mostly everyone loves? (When I think of pizza, I think of parties with friends or something you order that's quick and easy to feed many people). On one of the days, they even had a pop-up infront of the store where you could purchase a pizza lunch box! (I didn't get one because I was on my way to 6%DOKIDOKI or Design Festa Gallery)

I hope you enjoyed these treasures as much as I did! I have logged many of my adventures from this 2023 journey, so be sure to check out my other blog posts for all the fun events, cafes, ect. I visited! Until then . . .


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