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Q & A Session with Kurebayashi - Sept. 5th 2020

GHOST GiRL GOODS has hosted a Q and A session with Harajuku model and kawaii icon Kurebayashi!

Want to learn more about Kurebayashi? Check out the mini interview I did in Japan.

Participants from around the world gathered for this interactive zoom event to ask Kurebayashi their questions! It was a really fun evening and I hope that we will be able to provide more interactive events for people in the future! We always encourage everyone to dress in their favourite outfits and welcome all to express themselves.

(Here is a group photo from the event, including participants from Canada, USA, Belgium, Australia, and Japan!)

If you have any suggestions of people within the J-Fashion community or realm you'd love to have a Q and A / online event with, please Contact Us!! We are always working hard to encourage the community to come together!


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