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I had the chance to interview kawaii fashion model and performer Kurebayashi. She has been involved in kawaii fashion in the Harajuku scene for quite some time and having the chance to ask her some questions was an absolute treat!

When Kurebayashi was a child she LOVED all things colourful. Actually, her grandmother also loved colourful things, so this is where she found inspiration. In junior high school, she tried wearing colourful fashion and make up for the first time and she loved it! Some of her favourite brands include galaxxxy, NUEZZZ, LISTEN FLAVOUR, Octopie, Current Mood, and Delie. (She actually just purchased the hamburger shoes from Current Mood!)

The first time Kurebayashi modeled was when she was 12 years old. Her grandmother noticed a contest happening at a famous supermaket called Seiu and entered her in it. She modeled for the brand line "Fancy Pocket" which was a part of Sanhoseki. She mentioned how she loves her grandmother very much and thinks she is charming. Even at 84 years old, she still wears make up every day! They seem to have such a great connection. It seems her grandmother really helped her be who she is today!

Her happiest memory was being able to model for KERA magazine. Now that KERA magazines are not being printed anymore, it was a special experience for her to be included in the new fashion book called "Harajuku Wonderland". Kurebayashi has also been a guest at many events! She has traveled over 15 times and visits about 4-5 conventions and events a year!

Kurebayashi wants to continue wearing colourful fashion and make up forever and I definitely believe she will continue to shine bright! I've been a fan of her for a long time and being able to do this mini interview with her was such a great opportunity

Kurebayashi SNS


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