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Pokémon a la Mode: Cosplay Maid Cafe at Oishiii Sweets - April 23rd - 24th 2022

A few years back, when events were happening very often, many local cosplay/idol groups around the city would throw various events. Finally, after a long time of waiting, we return to a fun and cute cafe experience themed around Pokemon!

Pokemon a la Mode, hosted by Sweet Dreamin' Cafe ( Instagram | Facebook ), was held for 1 weekend on April 23rd and 24th. It was held at Oishiii Sweets in Scarborough, which specializes in sweet treats taking inspiration from Japan. (pop culture and flavours!)

GHOST GiRL and her group of friends headed to the event on the Saturday (the 1st day). I myself have been to maid cafes in Japan (Maid Dreamin', @home Cafe, Heart of Hearts to name a few), as well as the previous Uncle Tetsu Angel Cafe and various cosplay/maid cafe events. Our friends on the other hand have never experienced anything like this, so they didn't know what to expect. (I did brief them!) In the end, they had such a fun time!

Each ticket included a full menu, with a 1-hour long sit in experience. The menu included many tasty treats, which I was sure to take a photo of before digging in. Also, each table was assigned a different pokemon, which then indicated which pokemon maid would be serving your table! We sat at the Gardevoir and Pikachu table!

The afternoon tea set. Aren't those macarons adorable? Also, our friends are featured in the background haha~

There were various mini sandwiches and everyone got miso soup and an onigiri . . . I mean "jelly donut". (Click this link to watch that specific scene from the English dub of Pokemon, Season 1, where Brock calls onigiris "jelly donuts".)

Also, I ordered the Pokeball Hot Chocolate Bomb and the pockemon hiding inside was Ditto!

I grabbed a bunch of photos of the cafe and our table! I think our table was the bestest because we had lots of energy! (Closer to the end of the event, our table started singing the Pokemon theme song...naturally of course because why not?!) Some mini experiences within the cafe were an interactive Pokemon battle, where the maids would "battle", guided by the teams at each table! It was very fun and silly and our Jigglypuff rocked!

By the way, she also sang! (Because Jigglypuff loves to sing) Our local idol performer Yumemi was a special guest maid at the event! It was so nice to see her after such a long time! (Last time I got to see her was for her winter live performance in 2019) I made sure to take a photo together. (I wish I could have gotten a photo with everyone, but they were trying to prepare for the next cafe group!)


Kyelor and I also made sure to dress on theme, so we wore our matching Pikachu hoodies! We took a photo with the Pikachu maid!

We had such a fun time and are definitely looking forward to the next cafe! We were all wondering what it might be. Until then, BE STRANGE. FEAR THE NORM.

Be sure to visit Oishiii Sweets if you are in the Scarborough area and want a tasty treat to eat or take home!

Oishiii Sweets

3376 Kennedy Rd Unit 2, Scarborough, ON M1V 3S8


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