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I got a chance to meet Choom here in Japan! She is a former shop girl from 6%DOKIDOKI (I remember meeting her once in the shop!) Now, she lives a busy scheduled life and is working on her biggest project, THE COMM Online! Let's check it out!

Choom - Creator of THE COMM, Student, and Model

Choom started diving into J-fashion when she was about 16 years old. She couldn't find many cool clothes, but then wanted to dress more funky! She read FRUITS magazines to find inspiration and ideas about J-fashion. Choom is also a model. She started modeling in her first years of university (when she was about 19 years old) and started building her portfolio. At 21, she came to Japan to continue modeling and also for her schooling. She is currently enrolled in a program at Bunka Fashion College for Global Fashion Concentration.

I asked her about her personal style and she said it all depends on the feeling for that specific day. She Used to wear a lot more completely flashy outfit, but now tends to wear statement pieces with a more toned down coordinate. She called it a more mature kawaii. Right now, her main focuses are building the reptuation of THE COMM, as well as her online shop she launched recently. She wants to continue to expand and gain outreach around the world. She is so busy with many things, such as photoshoot directing, styling, photo editing, website maintenance and editing, the online shop, and her school life. Wow! She is very hardworking!

THE COMM is a more accurate representation of current Japanese fashion trends and styles seen around the streets of Japan. It was started in April 2018, where, at this point, there were many places to find more information on what is actually trending in Japan. Some people may think that is it still very loud, colourful, and funky. But it has been evolving and changing so much over time. With this website, she hopes people can be more educated on the actual trends of Japanese people and even foreigners living in Japan! Not only through photos and photo shoots, but also articles and interviews!

Be sure to check out THE COMM for some great articles~!



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