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*DISCLAIMER: Please note, this blog post was written prior to the incident at Ota-Q Apparel. GHOST GiRL GOODS does not have any connection to or further information regarding the situation, nor have we heard anything from the owner themselves after conducting this interview in April 2020. GHOST GiRL GOODS will not support a brand/business/owner who leaves their paying customers in the dark and is sympathetic to all those who have been affected. As we all know, the virus outbreak has lead to many conventions forcing cancellation for the safety of their attendees. I love being able to conduct mini interviews with guests and indie designers about their works during these events...SO I WILL CONTINUE TO DO THAT! Just...digitally!! (for these posts, I'm calling them digi-views. Digital get it...LOL)

I still want to be able to spread the word about people's creations and help to promote them, so I am starting this "MINI Digital KAWAII IINTERVIEWS" project! I hope you can learn some interesting things about the designers and creators that I will post about!

The first digi-view is with Ota-Q Apparel! This super colourful brand is located in Texas (the ye-haw kei state of the world)

Callie - Designer and Owner of Ota-Q Apparel