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MINI Digital KAWAII INTERVIEW - Glitter Bones Boutique

More digi-views (Digital interviews) are coming your way! From the saftey of GHOST GiRL Headquarters, right to your computer screen!

This next one is from another local designer! Not completely fashion, but definitely kawaii!!

Nikki - Designer and Owner of Glitter Bones Boutique

I met Nikki personally at Kei Con last year! She was also a vendor in the dealers area. Her bubble tea enamel pins are my favourite and I actually won one at a Pink City event a few years back!! I have the Milk Tea one, which looks exactly like my ChaTime orders hehe~

Nikki started up Glitter Bones Boutique in 2015. I asked what kind of message she wants to convey with her brand and this is what she had to say! "When I describe my brand I say that we make expressive content for the modern human. This came from many customers exclaiming "SAME" when they'd see our products. 

I also like the play on words with "kawaii" (cute in Japanese) and "kowai" (scary) sounding similar. Glitter Bones Boutique introduces the two and watches as their romance blossoms, they fall in love, and they eventually separate in a cold and bitter divorce."

I asked Nikki if she has a favourite design of hers, but she said no!

"I don't think I do.  A bunch of designs come from sayings that my friends and I throw around like "tryin & cryin'"  and "bad luck bi***", so those always make me smile."

It's a pretty hard question, asking someone if they have a favourite design or piece they've worked on because sometimes you just love them all! In Nikki's case, the phrases she uses on her designs are just little sayings that are part of her life!

(Photos of the lovely @cozypony sporting some Glitter Bones Goodies)

I noticed that Glitter Bones Boutique mainly offers small pins and accessories, but recently has been creating a few fashion items (like bags and shirts). I asked Nikki what her plans are in terms of wanting to expand into making more wearables.

" I have always wanted to do more fashion based items like clothing, but the amount of time and money that goes into that is a lot if you're not sure you'll be able to sell. That is why I started with smaller low cost items.  As I continue to build my brand I would love to keep adding more clothing. My boyfriend does silk screening / has the equipment so he's been the driving force behind Glitter Bones Boutique expanding into clothing and I am excited to do more!"

(One of Nikki's newer shirt designs~!)

Nikki is currently working on a brand new website and is very excited to share it with everyone! It'll go live in a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled!! "I am very excited to launch that in a few weeks and provide new and returning customers with a coupon code. I've also got some new beret designs in the works."

Lastly, I asked Nikki what is something she's most proud of:

I think the fact that I've kept this going for 5 years on top of having a full time graphic design job and having tendinitis in BOTH of my arms.  As an artist in general having chronic pain in both arms has really been a challenge to me, physically and mentally.  The fact that I am determined enough to keep going is something that I am proud of.

Thanks for answering Nikki! And thank you all for reading. Be sure to check out Glitter Bones Boutique social networks and website, and check out our other blog posts on KAWAII INTERVIEWS, events I've attended, and more!

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