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I'm always trying my best to find amazing creatives to include in my blog entries! There are so many cool people in the creative community, whether it be for fashion or art. I've done some mini interviews with YouTubers and a bunch of different designers. I find it very important to connect with others around me, and also highlight their successes and accomplishments! If you are a creative and would like to be included in one of our Mini Interviews, please be sure to contact us!

This digi-view is with the magical artist and living doll, Dollfille!

Toshi - The Dollfille

I met Toshi in 2018 in 2018 at Sebastian Masuda's 2nd kawaii lecture I attended! I then got to share an exciting weekend with her at Otakuthon during the New Generation Kawaii tour! She helped out at the booth as well as provided her beautiful make up artistry for the fashion show!

(Myself, Toshi, Mina, and friend at Sebastian Masuda's Kawaii Lecture in NYC, 2018. Photo by Daphne Youree Photography)

Toshi creates many different styles of art, from hair to make-up, and even enamel pins.

I asked her when she started her creative journeys!

"First time I dyed my hair, I was 8 or 9. It was hot pink!!! Surprisingly, it was my scientist dad who let me, rather than my art teacher mother lol! He was like, “sure, you can learn about how chemicals work” lol.

First time with makeup....was sky blue lipstick. And I wore it to school, even though my mom said no!! She let me dress crazy, but she said for makeup and hair dying I was too young. I was a really good kid so she was really shocked when I rebelled in this way ! Lol. Literally one of the only times I got in trouble as a kid. . . ."

(Upper photo by Jeremy Caldwell)

I also asked Toshi how she combines all her passions with fashion.

"My passions mainly are communicating through visuals and bringing ideas to life and bringing people together or opening their being able to paint on my face, create characters / themes / vibes / versions of myself that people “get” or at least get to interact with is such a joy to me.

Even if they’re like WOAH WTF IS THAT AHHHH I still am able to influence their world by giving them a peek into a reality they never see. I think it’s a great ice breaker and I especially love talking to old people who approach me to ask questions hehe. Opening their worlds, hopefully changing their opinions for the better.

Now I’m even starting my own brand, making enamel pins, lashes, a brush bag is coming into the works... I want to collab with all my favorite clothing designers or start my own clothes line at some point .... I get so much satisfaction bringing an idea to life that no matter if it’s my career or just Tuesday, I’m trying to hone together my visual artwork, makeup and fashion all into one cohesive collection that I can put out into the world."

(A collaboration done with @carmaheartsyou )

Since Toshi takes on many creative channels, I wanted to know what she thinks is the most important aspect

of creativity.

"The most important aspect of creativity....that’s a hard question since I think it’s a really complex process!!!! My favorite part is when it just flows out and you’re able to accurately depict or express what you’re envisioning or feeling. So maybe the most important aspect is the training and practice that you put into the skills to be able to express that creative idea accurately. But also, being able to roll with the punches and adapt. If you make a mistake, be able to work with it and change to be part of the piece , etc. Being able to make happy accidents and adapt."

Toshi also describes her living doll style.

"My body is a broken Doll found in the woods, brought to life by the Glamour / Magic / Spirit of a Faerie lost traveling thought Spacetime. Stuck here for the time being, I try to explore all the versions of myself I can feel inside the Multiverse, to see which one belongs in this Dimension. That changes depending on what I need to express to the world that day, and thus my style changes frequently.

My main themes are usually are disturbing cuteness, elegant power and accidentally / unintentionally seductive. (Ha ha) I have a strong focus on needing to feel comfortable, so I really enjoy thin lightweight fabrics like vintage lingerie and chiffon, also clothes that are “revealing”....I don’t really care to look sexy, I just get overwhelmed easily so I need to feel comfortable. Harnesses which provide support and that “constant hug” safety net type of feeling, and jewelry that is fun to play with or makes satisfying noises. I love to play with symmetry and balance, and tend to mix things that people usually wouldn’t think to put together. . . mash ups and mixing many styles together. I’d say that at least half or more of my wardrobe is thrifted, secondhand, or super clearance/ dollar store , while most of designer items are from indie brands or artists I know personally. I think knowing an artist and what they represent is important when choosing to purchase a piece."

(Photoset by @danylofgren_photo )

Toshi's tattoos really bring to life her doll style. In her own words, she says "honestly now that I have my tattoos, I feel much more myself at all times. Before I had them I felt like I really needed the makeup or a wig or an outfit or something, but now I have the tattoos it’s like I’m more complete in my shell. Same with my piercings...they low key represent duality ( symmetrical nose piercings) , and the linking of different aspects of myself together (septum) But also I think they just balance out my face and I play with them a lot because of massive ADHD lol... "

(Right photo by Jeremy Caldwell)

It's really cool to hear about Toshi's different styling aspects and how they reflect in her looks! She has it down to a personal equation in a sense, as so do I! When I spent more time with her during the NEW GENERATION KAWAII Tour, I got a chance to see her daily looks throughout the weekend. (One look I really liked was her outfit for the DJ session Masuda put on as part of the rave!)

Speaking of which, I asked Toshi how she enjoyed the NEW GENERATION KAWAII Tour!

(Photo by Buddy Photography)

"That trip was honestly one of the best weekends of my life lol!!! I had actually made a “wish” / asked the Universe for an experience like that a few years ago before I even knew Sebastian, and it ended up happening through a most serendipitous string of events and being even better than I could have ever thought.

I'm so grateful for it. I really love Canada and it was even better being able to spend time there with friends from all over!! Sebastian and Yui are really important mentors to me, so being there as their guest, having them sell my items at the booth, meeting and being a part of the Dokido-Kazoku (dokidoki family) just really felt like I was exactly where I was supposed to be and doing what I was meant to be doing. It felt like a dream.

6%DOKIDOKI has been one of my number one influences, since I first found them in FRUiTs magazine in a bookstore as a child, sitting alone in the manga section with different colored striped socks, a tutu and belts across my chest... and finding pictures and realizing, across the world, there were people who expressed themselves the same way. So now, being able to literally be a PART of that, it just makes me freakin' tear up and

get all sappy every time lol.

Getting to bond with everyone, make new friends, spend more time and talk on a personal level with People I admired online was just really excellent. . . Not to mention I absolutely love being able to hone my skills of working on the fly doing fashion show makeup, practicing being a shop girl, speaking and practicing three different languages all weekend!!!! (French, Japanese, English!!) I honestly felt more understood because we all spoke different native languages so I could communicate the way I know best, through expression!! and of course being so proud to representing a brand I believe in. "

She concludes with: "Yes it was great."

Lastly I asked Toshi about some of her upcoming projects that people can look forward to!

"Im going to be releasing a kickstarter for charity toward the BLM movement, a Pride series of my Magical Makeup enamel pins ( which will also have a percentage go to charity), a holographic makeup brush bag, and of course, the MEGAMOTH eyelashes!!!

I have so much stuff on the table, it’s really overwhelming to keep it all in check lol!! But I’m working hard to be able to share all these cool products with everyone!! Thank you in advance to everyone who checks it out, shares, tells a friend, supports, whatever! It means the world to be able to live off my art omg!! I honestly couldn’t and wouldn’t have done it without so many awesome role models and support from my partner and fellow designers and indie artists. This community is such a blessing."


Thanks for answering Toshi! And thank you all for reading. Be sure to check out Dollfille's social networks and twitch, and check out our other blog posts on KAWAII INTERVIEWS, events I've attended, and more!

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