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Jujutsu Kaisen Cafe in Harajuku - October 6th 2023

Finally, I have returned to Japan after 3 years! I'm so excited to be back and report on many cool things I see here, so I hope you'll look forward to it to! I am always looking for themed cafes and, as I wasn't able to get into a lot of them, I was able to make a reservation at the Jujutsu Kaisen Cafe in Harajuku! (I still need to catch up on watching Jujutsu Kaisen, but the 1st ending song was a BANGER! Haha!)

This cafe was located right along Takeshita Dori in BOX cafe&space Harajuku Alta store, so it was convenient to go to during my day of exploring Harajuku.

There menu consisted of a few food and drink options, with the sweet options being mainly fruit sandwiches and a few savory choices. I decided to go with the chicken in tomato soup with rice set, along with a melon soda with shaved ice and for dessert, a fruit sandwich plate!

(Click on a photo to expand)

Description of each food item I ordered translated from the menu:

[Satoru Gojo] Yuigadokuson Fruit Sandwich

A fruit sandwich inspired by the scene where Gojo first performs the imaginary ceremony "Nao". Please enjoy it with Akira's cassis sorbet and Ao's salt ice cream.

[Riko Tennai/Misato Kuroi] Cream rice & chicken tomato stew plate

A plate menu of butter rice with cream on top of bacon and chicken and tomato stew, which is inspired by Tennai's hair band. Enjoy Kuroi-inspired garlic and cream sauce by adding your desired amount to the chicken and tomato stew.

[Ieiri Glass] Shaved ice drink

A drink with shaved ice and lemon-flavored black jelly. Melon flavor that matches the image color of Ieiri Glass.


As usual, these cafes have different decorations around the venue. This one even had screens playing short clips promoting the new season and special figures that were also available. There was also a small corner where you can purchase merchandise.

Along with each reservation and drink purchase, you get a mystery art panel and a coaster! I got Fushiguro and Gojo!

I have a few more pop-up cafes booked for this trip in October, so stay tuned for more! You can also check out the other pop-up cafes I've visited in the past in my "JOURNAL" category of the blog! (You'll just have to scroll down a bit since the last time I was experiencing pop up cafes in Japan was 2019)

You can also visit their website for more info on the cafe pop up!

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