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Fashion Monster Isekai Cafe at Anime North 2024

GHOST GiRL GOODS hosted a special cafe experience for the first time ever at this year's Anime North, with the help of Café Delish (the resident maid cafe of the con). The event was completely sold out!

The cafe featured all the GHOST GiRL GOODS mascots suddenly finding themselves in the human world, as per the isekai genre of anime/manga. There were monster treats and drinks, and fun, interactive elements with the mascots for all attendees. We even had a fun twist on classic rock, paper, scissors, which was the monster's version: Horns, Claws, Fangs!


Dreamz as Pompoji

Concussion Cosplay as MUSIC MONSTAH

(Special shout out to our fill-in MUSIC MONSTAH during the slots needed!)

Yours truly as GHOST GIRL

Wren as Dako

HOTARU as Pearla

What a great team to have worked with!! Not to mention all the behind the scenes helpers we had from food prep, door greeters, operations, and set up! Everyone did such a fantastic job and were all so enthusiastic and engaged about the success and flow of the event! I definitely couldn't have done it without you all!

Official event photos by Firemate Photographic

There were a total of 5 seating timeslots for the cafe. Each seating had 5 tables, one for each of the mascots. The event would start with a welcome message and an opening dance. (it was to Fashion Monster by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu naturally!) Each mascot would interact with its table, but also wander around to interact with the other tables (that way everyone got a chance to see the mischief each monster had!) It was really fun when the attendees would participate with our silly antics and it made the experience much more full of fun and unique to every seating time!

Many smiles and memories were made at the cafe~! And each seating had its own uniqueness to it~!