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Cute Cafe Days - Part 2

The second scoop of cute cafes during my visit here!

I visited the Pokemon Cafe for the first time on this trip! I didn't order food because I wasnt hungry (I was actually at Kawaii Monster Cafe before going, so I ate lunch and sweets beforehand). I ordered the Gengar grape smoothie which came in a Gengar cup (that was included in the purchase!) It was really good and the ears were made of little cookies. I do love my ghost pokemon, so this was definitely a good choice for me! Pikachu also made a special apperance and dances around the cafe. I also got to squeeze his hand! When I made the reservation, I ordered a chef Pikachu keychain~ He joined me for my drink!

Secondly, I went to Cafe Zelcova at Hotel Strings Omotesando with my lolita friends who live here in Japan. They had a special Halloween themed afternoon tea set that was both delicious and cute! I wish packing lolita wasn't such a hassle so I could also dress up fancy! But that's ok~! The afternoon tea set came with potato soup, 3 savory foods (2 of which had cheese, so I didnt want them haha), a pumpkin scone, and 5 mini desserts. Everything tasted so good and looked so appealing! Im glad there are nice afternoon tea places back home too. They are literally the perfect place to wear lolita fashion.

Lastly, my visit to Osaka can NOT be completed without visiting the Gudetama Cafe at HEP FIVE! I came here back in 2017, so it's nice to return to my eggy prince and eat the glorious foods inspired by him! I ordered the Roast Beef mountain LOL and a peach soda tapioca drink that came in a Gudetama light bulb cup with a flashing ice cube!! They were both VERY GOOD! My friend ordered the Gudetama curry and the Royal Milk Tea in the Gudetama lightbulb cup! It was a very gude day~