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CoCo Tea x Diablo IV Collaboration

I've been reporting on my Japan adventures and still have a bunch to finish up and post. But I returned back to Canada just in time for a cool collaboration by CoCo Tea Ontario! They have not done any sort of themed collaboration that I know of in the past. Most recently, they had a promo called "CoCo Day All-Star Showdown", where they created basket ball playing anime boys themed after the drinks in which you could vote for your favourite every week for a period of time! The artwork was only used for social media promos and posters. In this case, CoCo teamed up with Diablo IV to offer bubble tea lovers and game fans awesome bundles of swag and sips! Kyelor and I headed to the nearest CoCo to us that was offering all the bundles. I dont play Diablo, but Kyelor likes it and was very excited to hear about the goods they offered!

The store itself didn't have too many decorations, but they had 2 standees and a few smaller poster displays. They also had a large menu display on their screens.

2 drinks were created for this collaboration: Lilith's Advocate and Frozen Orb. 2 cup sleeve designs (in the photo on the left and right sides of drinks) were also created. They were very cool and very large! Below are the official descriptions of the drinks from CoCo's advertisements: