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82nd HARAJUKU FASHION WALK - Sunday Sept. 22nd 2019

I have returned one year later for the 82nd Harajuku Fashion Walk. It seemed like, this time around, there weren't as many people out. Not to mention, there weren't many Japanese people at all! Its very interesting to see how it is evolving each year and who comes out to attend. I got some snaps of people's outfits as well. (There were some more people, but I didn't get a chance to snap everyone). It was interesting to see more casual looks this time around too.

This time around, we stopped at the Design Festa Gallery and there was a kawaii pop-up happening!! Some local artists were showing their works and products! I got a chance to snap some photos of the cute products and I bought some goodies as well!!

YouTuber CathyCat was also participating and getting footage for her channel! You can check her out here!

Harajuku Fashion Walk SNS


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