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MINI KAWAII INTERVIEW - Director and Designer of Triple Fortune (3F)

Dear Lolita was a wonderful event, held at Old Mill Toronto. The guest for this first time event was Triple Fortune. They had their brand products available on both days of the event. During the Tea Party on Day 2, Director BABI and Designer Kaie had a Q and A session. I recorded all their wonderful answers they had given and thankfully, a lot of the questions people asked were things I was curious about too. Also, I had a chance to attend dinner with the guest, where I also got some more insight on their brand from a few questions I had asked!

BABI(Left) - Director of Triple Fortune

Kaie(Right)- Designer for Triple Fortune

What future designs do you have planned ?

Kaie: We have a few patters we are planning like lemons and we are also coming out with shoes soon! They will be made up to a Japanese SZ 26.

Do you have plans to make Triple Fortune more accessible for foreigners?

We do want to make it more accessible and we are trying to upgrade the system. (We are doing our best!)

Would you consider making more sizing?

BABI: Our sizing is already quite versatile for Japanese brands. We are happy that our pieces can be worn by smaller and larger sized people.

What are some differences between Canadian vs Japanese lolitas?

Kaie: There are not many differences, similar ideas for coords but maybe a little more extravagant. Recently tea parties have become more popular in Japan. The style varies per venue.For example: casual cafe with casual style VS hotel venue with very lovely styles. These bigger events held at large venues are more of a celebration.

What did you like about our community?

Kaie: There are unique personalities and it is fun!

What is a project that you are most proud of? (This was my question!)

BABI: Recently a former KERA employee and some other famous lolita/J Fashion models made a photo book Harajuku Wonderland and I added a paragraph to the book.

Kaie: It's been 2 years since KERA stopped producing paper magazines. Even before they stopped, there were feelings that they would come to an end. We started traveling to places around the world and wanted to travel and be invited to different events. But it is hard to fly out to these different places very often. So, a little bit of insight to KERAs end: the CEO was not interested in releasing paper magazines anymore. New staff members were more interested in movies, not as much in clothing. More digital and photo media was becoming a go-to. Not sure yet if it will continue, but J-fashion is what you guys make! In high fashion, they make it and say buy! But with J-fashion and street fashion, the people are what make the fashion happen!We a want to celebrate that it is a collaboration between the wearers and the creators!

Do you think there is something missing in lolita fashion?

There isnt something missing, but in Japan, popular fashion magazines stopped and more people have decided to wear what they want freely. Trends changed so fast and there isn't something guiding people anymore.

BABI: Very similar to what Kaie said, use your style and upload it! Many people are watching your coordinates and what is reflecting your personality. Everyone is free to wear what they want! You guys are making trends and movements, we want to see that and even designers will see and think to create different products based on that.

Kae: As a designer I shouldn't be saying this, but, I don't want you to wear the same brand from head to toe! If you look great in all those pieces, great! But we want you to choose based off what you think looks good on you and not just because its the brand!

What do you like about Canada?

They love the nature and the buildings, how they are really close together.

Each time we visit Canada, the weather is not good, so we were not able to go sight seeing!

If you could collab with anyone/anything, who with and why?

We don't do collaborations that much. We have, however, made garments for the main singer of ALI PROJECT and some jackets and dresses for their other members (like stage dancers, etc.). We will be making her dress in the summer, which will be a real princess dress! The theme of the concert is Fantasia.

What is the hardest part about being a lolita designer?

Kaie: Nothing specific is tough, even if I don't get sleep, making lolita fashion makes me most happy. One pet peeve is when media thinks lolita is cosplay and they ask lets collab! And we say no!


Kaie enjoys seeing people wearing Triple Fortune and its sort of a hobby to travel to see people wearing these at events. Both the designers also expressed something which is similar to my belief: They want people to wear their clothes and feel confident every day. It doesn't matter what you are doing, you can wear clothing that reflects your personality and feel free. When they told me that we think very similarly, I was so happy and got very excited. I'm happy that I was able to support a brand that believes in such a wonderful ideal.

A really interesting point that was also discussed: the newer dresses from Triple Fortune actually use a printed mesh fabric for the skirt. The reasoning behind this: it does not wrinkle and it is washing machine friendly! (You must put it in a laundry net though!) When I got a chance to see the dresses at their booth earlier the day before, I was really surprised by the mesh and took note of it right away! Its a very unique aspect to their dress designs now, as it not only serves practical purposes, but also gives the print more dimension and texture! Kaie also discussed about how they design the actual garments. First, they decide the shape of the dress, and then the design comes after. They think a product will be more special with this method of design! I thought this was pretty interesting, and then shared with them that I usually create a design first and then I see what type of feeling the design gives me. From there, I create the shape.

Here are some photos from their booth, as well as a photo I got to take with them both!

Triple Fortune (3F) SNS

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