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Dear Lolita 2019 - July 6th - 7th 2019

Dear Lolita was a new, 2-day event that happened at Old Mill, Toronto. The first day consisted of a pop-up boutique and fashion show, while the second day was a tea party (and for me, dinner with the guests!) It was nice to even see some of the Montreal lolitas travel all the way here for the event!

DAY 1: Pop-Up Boutique and Fashion Show

There were 6 vendors in total at this event, one of which being Triple*Fortune, and the others were local brands!

At 6:00pm, the fashion show began! The show started with SPOOKY SPARKLE PARTY, then GHOST GiRL GOODS, and ended off with Triple*Fortune. Here are the photos of my models! Click the left and right arrows to see all my awesome models~!

(Click the arrows on the right and left above to see more photos)

It was such an awesome time!

DAY 2: Tea Party and Dinner with Guests

The tea party was wonderful! It's always so nice to see so many friends and familiar faces around. Everyone mingled before the tea party started at 12:00pm. Triple*Fortune were also selling some of their products.

I really enjoyed the food that we got at the tea party! The tables were set with Triple*Fortune place mats.

There was also a raffle!! I snapped a photo of all the GHOST GiRL GOODS prize winners!

There was also a Q and A session in between, but I covered all those details in my MINI KAWAII INTERVIEW post about Triple*Fortune!

After all those activities were completed, there were more photo opportunities. Group photos were taken. This lovely group photo was taken by Firemate Photographics. You can find his works here [ Website / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube ]

He also shot a video of the awesome fashion show, which you can view by clicking this link!

The premium pass I paid for included dinner with the guests! We ate at the buffet inside Old Mill. It was pretty yummy! BABI and Kaie were very nice to talk to and we even got to see a special preview of a new item coming soon!