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MINI KAWAII INTERVIEW - Designer at Angelic Pretty

I had a chance to visit Tekko for the first time! Its an amazing convention in Pittsburgh, PA, that has a very strong J-Fashion community! One of the guests attending the convention this year was Angelic Pretty. One of the designers, Honoka, was the main guest and I had a chance to ask her a few questions in the prep room for the fashion show! Some of her most recent designs were the Sweet Dreams series, Topping Sugar series, Logo Heart Arrow accessories, and more!

Honoka - Designer at Angelic Pretty

Honoka has been designing for Angelic Pretty for just 2 years, but has worked as a shop staff for 5 years. I asked her what her favourite part about designing was and she said choosing the colour schemes and matching colours and items that match perfectly together. As a designer myself, I also love the initial part of choosing colours for a garment! She also enjoys when people visit the shop and enjoy Angelic pretty product. Whether you are in Japan, or somewhere else around the world, she enjoys that these products can bring happiness. I asked why she likes to wear lolita fashion and her simple answer was because she likes all cute things!

Angelic Pretty also had a booth in the dealers room, where they displayed all their cute accessories, bags, and dresses!

Angelic Pretty SNS

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