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MINI KAWAII INTERVIEW - Designer of SA Designs

Sasa is a designer based in Montreal, QC. I've seen her line for a couple of years, at anime conventions I've attended. She creates lolita and ouji styled clothing! At G-Anime, I got the chance to ask her a few questions about her brand.

Sasa - Designer and Owner of SA Desgins

Sasa started her brand about 4-5 years ago. Her favourite part about designing is displaying her pieces in fashion shows. She loves getting creative and pairing different pieces together, coming up with different outfits each time. This will allow people to see her goods shown in different ways they may not have thought of! She also loves hearing the positive feedback from her supporters. As mentioned above, Sasa creates lolita and ouji styles, but prefers ouji becuase it is not as popular and she wants to be able to fill that gap~! She just personally also loves ouji style. As for lolita, Sasa enjoys making pretty garments, so that people can look pretty in them!

Here are some photos from various events (all photos used with permission by Sasa)~

Photos by various photographers: Steven Peng-Seng Photography, Buddy Photography, Frédérick Steben-Labranche, Kevin Hodgson Photography, Xin Lolita Photography

SA Designs SNS

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