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MINI KAWAII INTERVIEW - Creator of Ocean in Space

A new addition to my MINI KAWAII INTERVIEW blog series! I will be introducing some local designers! I hope to help spread the word of the local talent and simply keep sharing my love for kawaii and J-fashion!

I met Allison, the designer of Ocean in Space, back in 2016 during a Kawaii Bass mini fashion show held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre (JCCC). From there, our creative energies brought us to being great friends!

Allison/Ocean - Artist and Owner of Ocean in Space

Allison started creating Ocean in Space tees back in 2015, but it wasnt until later that year when everything became official! Her favourite part about designing is conceptualizing a shirt design from start to finish. From choosing the colours to working with a theme. Of course, when people see and love her designs, it brings her a lot of joy to know people are happy with her creations! Allisons goal for 2019 is to work on her and grow her personal style, as well as work more with traditional mediums on paper as apposed to all digital.

Allison's personal favourite style is more towards tomboy looks with cute or feminine elements (like overalls and hats. Mixing these pieces with perhaps some cute accessories or pastel colours)

Here are some photos from various events (all photos used with permission by Allison)~

Photos by various photographers: Ocean in Space, Cyberfox007 Photography

Ocean in Space SNS

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