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MINI KAWAII INTERVIEW - Designer of Atelier Pierrot

This past weekend at G-Anime, I had the pleasure of meeting the designer of Japanese gothic lolita brand Atelier Pierrot, Ashizawa Yuko! At the con, she hosted a few panels (like a Q&A), as well as the lolita tea party. Unfortunately, because I was at my booth, I couldn't go the these events. However, I took a few moments to ask her about the brand and her journey through the years while she was at her booth!

Ashizawa Yuko - Designer of Atelier Pierrot

Yuko has been designing for Atelier Pierrot for 12 years! Her favourite part about designing is drawing out her ideas and then, seeing it being created from start to finish, with the end result of seeing many people enjoy her designs. She enjoyed visiting Canada for the first time (I hope she wasn't too cold with the -20 degrees weather!!!!) and she has also attended several events/conventions throughout America.

Currently, there are 3 Atelier Pierrot shops: Shinsaibashi (Osaka), Shinjuku, and Harajuku. On my recent trip to Japan, I visited the Harajuku location (which is inside Laforet, on the bottom floor, which has many other lolita brand shops!)

Here are some photos from her booth, as well as some photos from the fashion show~

(*fashion show photo used with permission and taken by Élisabeth Fallen (click to view instagram) )

Atelier Perriot SNS

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