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GHOST GiRL Styles: Cool - 6%DOKIDOKI x GGG

I usually style my cool looks with lots of black and white contrasts and a pop of colour!

⇢Look 1⇢

A sporty and girly look which can work for any occasion. I added the bear clip to add a touch of my cute side to the cool look. It also gave a pop of colour alongside the stripe on the skirt. I paired the 6%DOKIDOKI's Kon Ton Line Zip Skirt, Time After Time Capsule Daydream Bear clip, and GHOST GiRL Print Tee together.

(Shoes from WC)

⇢Look 2⇢

A cool and fashionable look consisting of track pants, tee, and some more sporty accessories. I decided to add the belt and it gave a pretty unique look to the outfit! It fun playing around with different accessories! This outfit consists of 6%DOKIDOKI's Kon Ton Line Pants, Neon Spectrum Lace-Up Belt, and the GHOST GiRL Print Tee.The silhouette of this look makes me look taller! (And shoes added a nice amount of height!)

(Shoes from Dolls Kill)

⇢Look 3⇢

Comfy, yet stylish! A good outfit for those days you feel like just sitting around at home, but can also work nicely if you wanna go out too! This outfit pairs the 6%DOKIDOKI Neon Spectrum Boyfriend Leggings with the GGG GHOSTOWN Hooded Tee! Stretchy bottoms and loose tops make the perfect combo for movement and comfort!

(Shoes from Winners)

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