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GHOST GiRL's 2018 Wrap Up

THE TIME HAS COME EVERYONE!! Another year has come by and strut its stuff. 2018 has been a year FULL of great things for me and I am so happy that I got the chance to experience lots of these things. Upon my great things that happened this year, I also faced a lot of downs. BUT I can say that I was able to push through and overcome all of those things. Here are just some highlights:

> Seeing my business slowly grow!!

> Seeing people wear the things I've created (or created with others) at local events

> Making new products

> Seeing lots of people rockin the Bubble Tees collab (with YouAreReadingThis) at cons

> Yeticon was the most fun convention of the year for sure!

> Getting the chances to sell at more conventions and events this year

> Got to be on TV to help promote Japan Festival

> Running and hosting the fashion show at Japan Festival

> Creating original costumes for Pastel Toronto

> Going to Japan and having the MOST WONDERFUL TRIP of my life (to this day)

> Collabing with Japanese illustrator Yamamoto Shigetomo

> Selling goods at Design Festa

(Click image to view larger)

Im really grateful. Im so grateful for everything I have. The people I have around me supporting me, my health, my abilities to do what I love, just grateful for my life in general. I work EXTREMELY HARD to do everything I do. I have a full time job making dance costumes (Im the head pattern drafter, assistant designer, and social media manager), I manage GHOST GiRL GOODS all by myself, and by doing both, that means lots of late nights, a packed schedule, and my mind constantly buzzing with "I needa get stuff done" or just random ideas! Somehow, I am still able to get everything I wanna do get done! Its just because I have the determination of a hungry lion!!!!

This is also a time for me to say: Thank you everyone. Thank you for supporting and believing in me. Im so happy to have you around. Whether your a friend, a customer, a potential customer, or simply just a backstage supporter, I appreciate any moment you take to look at my stuff, talk to me, buy something, or just appreciate/enjoy everything that I am doing!!! I am just so happy to see everything thats come to this point. Its so great and I am looking forward to the new year. Its going to be PACKED!!!!! I have some really cool things to announce, but you must wait!! I've just been workin my buns off and it feels so nice to see things unfolding in front of my eyes.

I hope that I can continue to get your support and the support from even more for 2019!!! I hope that everyone will have a wonderful year!!!! Maybe this year was good for you....or maybe it was bad....but I hope for you that the next year will be a lot better! LET'S ALL LOOK FORWARD TO 2019!

GHOST GiRL's BIG ANNOUNCEMENT will be happening on January 1st @ 12:00am!!! THE FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE YEAR!) Please tune into our blog or social media to find out what it is!

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