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MINI KAWAII INTERVIEW - Shop Staff of Hoyajuku

Laforet is full of great shops. They have some high-end brands, as well as some more affordable ones. On the first floor, you can find Hoyajuku, a shop filled with quirky handmade pieces, all unique in their own way and all made by different Japanese artists/designers! There is only one location for this shop. They carry clothing and accessories, as well as bags. I chatted with the shop girl for a little bit!

Kanako - Director/Buyer of Hoyajuku

Kanako has been working for this brand for 2 years now and has been interested in Harajuku fashion for 3 years. She was actually a fashion student before and went to Vantan. She really loves Harajuku fashion and enjoys wearing it always.

Lets look around the shop~

Hoyajuku SNS

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