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There are many ACDC RAG location along Takeshita street. You can also find ACDC RAG goods being sold in other stores as well! (I actually saw a shop in Nakano Broadway selling stuff) It a great, colourful brand filled with many printed tees and skirts, also providing things like jackets and shorts too. They've done a lot of collaborations over time (In the shop, I spotted Powerpuff Girls and Menhera Chan collab goods) I stopped at ACDC RAG and chatted with some of the shop staff. The location I visited had 2 sections: the super colourful goods and the punk and goth goods!

Chama - Shop girl at ACDC RAG Takeshita Street (colourful section)

When Chama was 16 years old, she started to enjoy Harajuku fashion. Now, she works for a clothing shop she really likes! Her top favourite brands to wear were Listen Flavor, ACDC RAG, and Super Lovers! She told me that the best part of Harajuku fashion, to her, was that everyone's clothes are unique and "free". She finds that very attractive to see each persons personality shine!

Miharu - Shop girl at ACDC RAG Takeshita Street (colourful section)

Miharu said her favourite part about Harajuku fashion was that she can personalize all her outfits and show her personality. (Personally, I think its really important to incorporate your personality into your everyday outfit!) For 5 years now, she has been enjoying Harajuku fashion. The jacket she's wearing in this photo is one of her favourite pieces from ACDC RAG. She really loves all the colours and prints that ACDC RAG has to offer.

Ma-Na - Shop girl at ACDC RAG Takeshita Street (punk/goth section)

For 3 years, Ma-Na has liked Harajuku fashion. She also loves the aspect of individuality in the fashion! She loves to wear visual kei inspired outfits and it really showed with her piercings, make-up, and style for that day. This was also the reason she was working on the punk and goth section of ACDC RAG.

Here are some photos around each shop!


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