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MINI KAWAII INTERVIEW - Shop Staff of Drug Honey

While walking through Takeshita Street, early on, you can pass by a store called Drug Honey! This shop features very strange and quirky designs, using bright colours, black and white, and original characters. Their main style is a mixture of punk and goth, which arent styles I wear much of, but I REALLY love the pieces found in this store. They offered tops, dresses, pants, accessories, and shoes. I got the chance to ask shop staff Hitomi and Nanami a bit about their personal styles.

As you walk through the front entrance, you are surrounded by the print filled walls and stairs! If you look closely, the print has a slight grim theme to it, but still quite cute!

Hitomi - Shop girl at Drug Honey

Hitomi has been working at Drug Honey for 1 year. Her favourite aspect of the brand is the designs and prints on the garments. She was wearing a cute, edgy styled outfit with over-sized sweater and skirt combo. I think it looked great on her! For 13 years, she has loved and has worn Harajuku fashion!

Nanami - Shop girl at Drug Honey

Nanami has also been working at Drug Honey for 1 year. (Actually, her and Hitomi started working at the same time) Her favourite thing about this brand is the strange characters that you'll find around the store and also on the clothing. She pointed out the strange bunny on Hitomi's sweater. Nanami has been wearing Harajuku fashion for 10 years.

Here's a look around the store!

Drug Honey SNS





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