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HAVE A GOOD TIME! Double Decker Cafe in Akihabara!

Today I went back to the GOOD SMILE x animate cafe in Akihabara because they were holding a Double Decker cafe!! Im so glad that I got to enjoy 2 amazing cafes for 2 things I love!!

It was actually the opening day today and I won the reservation lottery. Too bad they dont do any sort of special event on the first day! It would be cool if they had something special on the first day...maybe a secret menu item or like a screen playing some video.

Regardless of that, I had an awesome time!

I ordered 4 different things today. They were all VERY GOOD!

Here are some photos I took around the cafe~! The music they were playing in the background was so peaceful!

After the cafe, I met up with a friend and we played in the arcade for a bit! We won matching Rikos from Love Live! Sunshine! Now I have the main trio and Im happy!