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Design Festa has been such a great experience for me! Im so happy I got the chance to attend! I was able to look around the venue at the artists, sell some of my goods, and make a bunch of new friends.

I shared a booth with...

MONSTER GIRLS - (Collaborating artist!)


Instagram @yasuhisa_miki

Ma Minette

Instagram @ma.minette

Be sure to follow them on instagram! :) They were all so kind and great to be around. Im so happy I met them all and Im looking forward to the next time I see them again!

Design Festa focuses mainly on arts and crafts (small, handmade goods, posters, paintings, jewelry, potteries, etc. etc.) and it so great to see such a large assortment of artists. Its really cool that Japanese people appreciate this stuff a lot more. Compared to conventions back home, I feel like people dont appreciate art as much, as well as, there is a lot of fan art or "fan works" (creating a design, but just using an anime or game character). I really love to see original artwork and original designs and characters. Thats something that I value a lot. Hence why my brand really focuses on original designs and perhaps some inspirations or "flavours" or popular designs.

Here are a few of my customers!: (click to view larger)

I tried to take a couple of photos around the vendor halls. There were SO MANY ARTISTS!!!! It was hard because it was very busy, so I couldn't take too many photos (didnt want to get in anyone's way) Also, some artists preferred no photos at their booth, so I always made sure to ask or double check for a "Photo OK" sign!

Unfortunately I wasnt able to visit all the tables, and I didnt even know how to choose many things to buy! But heres the things I bought haha! Let's take a look:

Pink chocolate button (artist: Mitsuami Asako | Instagram | Twitter )

Melon-pan Turtle Medal Ribbon Pin (artist: Kunshoyasan | Twitter | Facebook )

I bought one other thing, but its a gift for my boyfriend, so I dont want to take photo since its a surprise!! :3 hehe!!

After the event finished, my booth buddies and I all went out for dinner. It was a great experience working along side other artists (our booth had 4 artists in total, one of which was me) Yummy~~~!!

In general, I had such a wonderful, inspirational time, and I would love to be able to participate again if I could! I know there will be more collaborations in the future with Monster Girl, so I cant wait!!

Im so inspired now too and started thinking about so many cool new things!! Im looking forward to sharing it all with all of you when I am done!

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