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I absolutely love 6% DOKI DOKI and have been able to visit the shop every time I visit Japan. I had the chance to chat with 2 of the shop staff members, Yui and Kanata, and ask them a few questions about their personal style.

Yui - Shop Manager at 6% DOKIDOKI

(Yui preferred not to have her photo taken.)

Yui has been working at 6% DOKIDOKI since 2001. (17 years!) She has been in love with Harajuku style and Harajuku in general ever since she was young. Yui loves the overall concept of the brand, which is "sensational kawaii" and helps to run the brand instagram account. When she was younger, she used to wear a lot more colourful and funky styles. Now, she prefers her outfits slightly less "out there", but still loves to wear kawaii pieces. (That day, she was wearing 6% DOKIDOKI leggings and headband coordinated with an over-sized sweater.)

Kanata - Shop boy at 6% DOKIDOKI

Kanata has been working at 6% DOKIDOKI for 3 years and loves the colours of the brand the most. You might have seen his colourful, icon make-up photos on instagram. He tries to coordinate at least one colour with his hair, make-up and outfit. (He mentioned he really likes blue and, in the photos, you can see there is lots of blue in his look.) Not to mention, he always feels confident wearing his styles! For 7 years, he has been dressing in Harajuku and Im sure he will continue to do so for a long while! Actually, he found that, when he wore his styles and showcased his design, he gained a lot of friends from around the world.

While you visit Japan, be sure to visit 6% DOKIDOKI! Also be sure to visit the Kawaii Monster Cafe, which was also designed by Sebastian Masuda. (You can check out my Kawaii Halloween blog to check out some awesome photos and about my Halloween experience at the Kawaii Monster Cafe!!)


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