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MOGHO GIRLS collaboration debut at Design Festa vol. 48

GHOST GiRL GOODS and Kobe-based artist Yamamoto Shigetomo pair up to present to you...

Monster Girls (Mo) + GHOST GiRL (Gho) = MOGHO GIRLS

About the collaborating artist - Yamamoto Shigetomo

MonsterGirl is a colorful mushroom that grew in town. There are as many unique girls as hair style and clothes. Monster girls face's dont have much of an expression. Just like a cat, you never know what mood they are in or what they are thinking. His colourful art style is cheerful and fun, sometimes mixing Japanese, English, German text into his work. He has collaborated with the brand Anna Sui and most recent collaboration with Umiboshi + CREATORS 2018.

About the collaboration

GHOST GiRL and Yamamoto san have only talked online so far! Because of a mutual friend, they found each other and started to chat, then leading to their collaboration!

The collaboration consists of several goods: a t-shirt, mini tote bag, and a couple different sticker designs. (As well as some other artworks created by Yamamoto san) We combined our original characters and bright colour designs into one! I hope to continue to grow MOGHO GIRLS alongside Yamamoto-san and make even more wonderful things together.

We hope that you will enjoy MOGHO GIRLS! Please visit our booth at Design Festa (D-36), Nov 10th-11th 2019 at Tokyo Big Sight. If you are in Japan, please come to Design Festa!

Yamamoto Shigetomo SNS

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