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TOKYO RAMEN SHOW 2018 - Oct. 25th - Nov. 4th

The Tokyo Ramen Show is a festival dedicated specifically for ramen and is the largest of its kind in the country! For ¥850, you can buy a ticket that will get you one bowl of ramen (which was a pretty decent size!)

After trying the ramen bowl(s) of your choice, you can then vote for which one(s) you though tasted the best!

(You can visit their official website for more info on future events/this years line up: )

I visited the festival on the last day (simply because I had other events I wanted to go to as well) But it ended up working in my favour! It was a bit of a rainy day, but that doesn't stop anyone from enjoying a great event. As I entered, I quickly located the information booth so I can buy tickets! (I bought 2 tickets) Thankfully there was an English version of the menu (but no English version of the program/schedule for the day).

I looked at the menu and re