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IT'S SHOWTIME! Persona 5 Cafe and Onryou Zashiki SCARE!

I spent the day in Akihabara again~!

First I went to the Persona 5 cafe, which was GREAT!! It was at the GOOD SMILE x Animate Cafe. I WAS SO HAPPY TO GO! Heres a look around the cafe.

The menu items were all themed to a character. I ordered Futaba's drink and meal, as well as Riyuji's drink. Futaba's drink was melon soda with ice cream, the wrap had grilled seasoned chicken and lettuce inside, and Riyuji's drink was cola with mango jellies on top! I enjoyed everything!You get free coasters with each item you purchase. I got a couple of extra ones!

I also bought some cork coasters and buttons! Its funny because I got both Futaba menu items, but also the free coaster, cork coaster, and button!! MANY FUTABA!

After the cafe, I met up with a friend and her crew! We later on went to a haunted house called Onryou Zashiki. Its located at Tokyo Dome City and let me tell you.....IT WAS SCARY! It turns out the person who made this haunted house is the top haunted house creator in Japan! Hes even done collaborations with The Ring and Junji Ito (creator of Uzumaki)!!!! This haunted house was really scary because it used a lot of ambient features to scare you as apposed to just random pop ups or gore. It was like...true fear!! I dont want to spoil anything for anyone who may want to go, but I would DEFINITELY recommend it to anyone who loves horror or haunted housed!

After heading home on the train, I was still feeling the aftershock of the spoop LOL! It was such a well made haunted house! But I made it home safely without any ghost encounters PHEW!