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A very gude day at Sanrio Puroland!

So today I went to Sanrio Puroland, a mini amusement park dedicated to all the lovable Sanrio characters! Inside, there are different areas where you can see characters, go on rides, eat yummy foods, and also take photos. Me? I obviously went for the one and only eggy king himself...GUDETAMA! I love Gudetama A-LOT. (And when I say A-LOT, I mean.....A VERY LOT LOL! I own many Gudetama goods from bags to make up, pens to keychains, t-shirts to plushies, and so on!)

ANYWAYS...moving along. So they had some special decorations and goods specifically for Halloween (which is just 2 days away!) Unfortunately, I didnt get a chance to see a Gudetama mascot. But I went to a special photo area dedicated to my eggy friend! I also got some photos of some gude near the entrance!

I started my day by going on the Sanrio Character Boat Ride! Its such a cute little ride (And I got a boat all to myself!) On this ride, you see many sanrio characters~

Next, I watched a show called MEMORY BOYS. This was a collaborative show with a company called Nerke, where they used their characters/voice actors as part of the show! It was really cute and I loved the songs!!

You can check out more info here:

After that, I went to the area called Strawberry Hall. This was GUDETAMA LAND!! I took a bunch of photos here. It was such a cute area!!!

When I was done taking many photos, I went to get lunch, which also consisted of some pretty gude food choices. Tonkotsu ramen with a Gudetama shaped fish cake and chocolate covered Gudetama themed dango!

I went to watch the KAWAII KABUKI show and the Gudetama show (which was very funny!) Gudetama was a director trying to make a movie! Hahaha! It was an interactive show where he would pick people in the audience and they would help him...I guess get ideas for the movie or set up things? (Like for example, one guy got called upon several times. He had to go on stage and "fan away the rain" as well as "ride a bike to bring the power back on for the camera lights". Hahaha it was really funny because sometimes, when people get picked, theyre very shy!

Gudetama was also accompanied by his eggy MC, who wore an eggshell for shorts! (Not seen in this photo)

There was a special Halloween dance performance as well, which featured Cinnamoroll! I found out later that there was actually a Halloween event happening at night! (too bad I didnt know about it earlier!!) Oh wells thats ok! I HAD AN AWESOME DAY!!

I also ate this cute Halloween Cinnamoroll donut! Yum yum it was all covered in white chocolate and there was a mini pudding in the center!

Before leaving, I went to the gift shop and spent lots of money on many gude things LOL I took a photo of everything:

- The boxes at the top are all different types of cookies! The one to the right side is fried egg shaped chocolate!

- There are 2 packs of instant ramen under the cookie boxes.

- My gudetama hair clip to the left.

- Some keychains, a hair bow, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, stickers, and a towel.

Well, that wraps up my Gudetama filled day! I now wont spend too much money for a couple of days LOL Im glad I got to go! (Last year, I didnt get a chance to)

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