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72nd HARAJUKU FASHION WALK - Oct. 28th 2018

Fashion in Japan now is a lot more toned down and definitely not as colourful or "different" as it used to be. Most people are found wearing more neutral colours, mature looks, and "Shibuya style" fashion (styles found in Shibuya 109). Also, Korean fashion is increasing in popularity too and even more k-fashion stores are opening up in Shibuya 109. This is probably thanks to the rising popularity in K-pop as well. Lolita fashion isnt really as popular anymore either. Larme fashion is a lot more common now instead.

"Harajuku fashion" is actually more for foreigners now. I've noticed, when I've traveled to American cons or events, there are SO many people dressed in Harajuku style. I feel a lot of people still really love decora and lolita fashion. Back home, fairy kei and maybe some decora still, as well as lolita are still popular. At the Harajuku fashion walk, there was probably 80% foreigners (some traveling to Japan, some actually living in Japan). There were people from Italy, France, England, America, Spain, Australia, and Japan of course! I remember when I went last year as well, there were many foreigners.

I went around and snapped some photos of people! (click any image to enlarge!)

We ventured around Harajuku and Omotesando and took photos in various spots~!

We broke off at Meiji Jingu bridge and some new friends and I took some photos of each others outfits! Then we went to Cookie Time (YUM YUM YUM) and also took puricura!!

It was an awesome day!! Tomorrow Ill head off to Sanrio Puroland! I cant wait to see GUDETAMA!


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