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TAMASHII NATIONS 2018 - October 26th - 28th 2018

Originally, I had some different plans for the day. But thankfully, I got to check out this awesome event instead!!

TAMASHII NATIONS 2018 is an event held in Akihabara from October 26th-28th, to showcase new upcoming and specialty figures! (by BANDAI SPIRITS) They had SO MANY cool displays and also some special events. There were voice actors doing interviews and a special collaboration with a cafe! LETS GO~!

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First, I visited the area Bersaar Akihabara. This showroom was open to the public to see some upcoming figures, and they also had a screen for people to view the interviews with the voice actors and special guests! There were lots of people and lots of cool figures!! (My favourite was the TIGER & BUNNY and DOUBLE DECKER display!!!! For those who dont know, TIGER & BUNNY is my favourite anime and DOUBLE DECKER is the newest anime made by the same studio!)