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WELCOME! Arrived in Japan! Day 1 Adventures!


So, I had to take 3 different flights to get here...what a hassle! (But hey thats what happens when you wanna save money on flights LOL) I went from Toronto to Vancouver to Beijing to Tokyo! The flight to Vancouver went smoothly, but the flight to Beijing was VERY TERRIBLE!!!! X.X The family in front of me...they let their children walk around and be very loud. One of those children also touched me every time I was asleep -___- also touched my laptop...and my phone cord.... I was NOT happy. But I knew the flight attendants weren't either x.x I felt bad for them.


My flight to Tokyo was a bit delayed and I thought I wasnt going to be able to pick up my pocket wi-fi! I landed at around 10:15pm and the place closes at 11:00pm! I wasnt sure if it would take me long to get my bags but thankfully everything went quick and smoothly!!

I got to my friends place after a VERY LONG DAY, took a nice shower and got ma bum to sleep! Slept really well, and NOW I BEGIN TODAYS ADVENTURE!!

Today's outfit: Blue mesh heart tee, Bowveralls, Love Pop Cardigan, and Pompoji's Bubblegum Ball necklace