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GHOST GiRL Visits Japan!

On October 24th, I will leave for Japan for 29 days! This will be my 4th time visiting Japan and I'm sure it's going to be the most memorable experience yet! It will also be the longest trip I have ever gone on and the only trip I have gone alone! ITS A BIG ADVENTURE FOR ME!

On this trip, I'm going to focus on writing a blog while visiting lots of cool places and events. I will also use this trip to make new connections, make new friends, and meet people! I hope you will enjoy following me on my journey!

Currently, I have a few events marked on my calendar:

- Angelic Pretty Museum at LaForet Harajuku, where they will showcase some archived designs.

- Ikebukuro Cosplay Festival. I will participate and wear a costume!

- October Harajuku Fashion Walk

- Local ramen festival (yummy!)

- Design Festa, where I will showcase my collaborations with Japanese illustrator Yamamoto Shigetomo

- Visit to Sanrio Puroland

...and lots more!!

Last year, I went during October/November as well. The weather was nice and it was fun seeing the Halloween goods and events! This year, Ill get to also see Christmas stuff before I leave (most likely...because after Halloween was over, they already started setting up Christmas deco LOL)

Here are a couple of photos from my last trip!

Some of these places include Odaiba, Kyoto, Osaka, Kawaii Monster Cafe (on Halloween!), and Asakusa! I had such a great time! I'm really looking forward to this next trip!


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