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Pastel Toronto was a super kawaii idol duo here in Toronto! Minnie and Sara performed weekly in front of the Eaton Center, as well as at several events throughout town. Their moto was about truth, virtue, & loveliness!

The duo disbanded in 2019.

Here is a photo from their performance at JM Fest (with their old costumes~!)


I watched Pastel perform at the summer matsuri held at the Japanese Cultural Center in 2017. They were performing on the outdoor stage and I couldn't get over their cuteness! At the time, Pastel consisted of 4 members, but currently, they are just a super cute pair~

I sent member Minnie a message about collaborating with her! After our very busy schedules finally cleared up, we met to discuss making brand new kawaii performance costumes! After brainstorming over some yummy treats, we came up with some ideas. Soon after that, I met second member Sara, and both loved the costumes that I made!

Here are some photos from Japan Festival (in their new costumes by me!)

They even made buttons with their new costume seifuku collar!

I want to continue to make costumes for our local idols!! I love making costumes, even for myself, for performing in. This is the ultimate chance to merge my passions for music, dancing, and fashion in one and I get so much excitement seeing my creations worn and performed in!

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