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2018 is coming soon!

It's holiday time!!

If you celebrate Christmas, MERRY CHRISTMAS WEEKEND!!

For anyone not celebrating, I hope you've had a wonderful holiday season!!!


So now its time to reflect on this year!


GHOST GiRL GOODS has really changed and grown. Only at the start of this year did my brand really turn into something. I am beyond happy to see where it is now! Through this year, I had the chance to begin selling at conventions, meeting so many people, hearing lots of supportive messages, and see my own dreams turn into reality.

I am so grateful for everything that has happened. I am grateful to have so much support from people around me. Those people who want to see me grow and who wanna be close while my brand keeps forming its shape! There is just so much joy!

I am working very hard to put this brand together. A lot of the times, I am doing everything by myself. It gets stressful, hecktic, crazy, BUT I PULL THROUGH knowing there is a great end result!! Sometimes, I get elp from others around me and its always a great thing!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who helped GHOST GiRL become what it is! 1 year of time is just the beginning! I've learned a lot and know where I can improve! 2018 is going to be filled with all sorts of new things! Im going to continue to work hard to continue bringing people lots of awesome clothing and accessories!! I hope you'll look forward to the awesome things ahead!!

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