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After many moons, FINALLY we have returned to in person events!! Even though we have to still be careful and cautious, it's nice to just see and talk to people in person. For someone like me, I love to talk to each person that stops by our booth or even when I'm MCing! Comic Con passed back in March and A-kon has just passed, with more conventions coming soon! The cool thing about A-Kon is that there were so many J-Fashion designers and brands present!

This mini interview is with a lovely creator who cares not just about lolita fashion, but bringing inclusivity and comfort to her local community and everywhere she can!

Christina - Creator of KittyKaya

(Christina is wearing her very first design "Twinkle Seashore". This dress design is inspired by the beautiful beaches that Christina lives close to and visited many times.)

I met Christina in 2021 at Royal Vegas Retreat. Prior to, I hadn't heard about KittyKaya before. While I was MCing the fashion show, I read over all the brand descriptions and found something so interesting! Christina creates custom lolita dresses, whether you want to choose a pre-made original print by her, or even create your very own original print! After seeing her lovely garments in the fashion show, I came by her table to say hi and talk to her a bit more about what she offers. I got a chance to commission a very special GHOST GiRL printed dress we designed for A-Kon and, when I heard she would also be attending A-Kon, I got excited to know I would see her again!

(Here is a photo of GHOST GIRL GOODS duo, Christina, and her two friends/table crew Heather and Tia! We all had a blast at Round 1 together after A-Kon Day 2!)

During A-kon, we were both part of the fashion show, lolita tea party, and the J-Fashion mixer hosted by GHOST GiRL GOODS. Christina shared so much about her brand, so I wanted to highlight it all here! I asked if she could summarize everything together for me.

Christina first discovered lolita and J-fashion from fruits magazine in her school's library during high school. However, her creative endeavors for KittyKaya didn't start until much later. "I started the illustration side of Kittykaya in 2011. I didn’t start sewing dresses until 2019. We had a community member lose everything in Hurricane Micheal and we tried to buy them a birthday dress. Unfortunately, plus size options were so limited that nothing would arrive in time even though we had planned months in advance. That’s when I decided if I can illustrate, sew, do photography, I can make dresses!" It's so unfortunate to hear that her friend lost so much from the hurricane, but what a heart felt story it is to share. It's so nice to hear such a thoughtful gift was the beginning to something that she's continuing!

(This is Christina's friend Renni. They are the one who inspired Christina to start sewing. )

Christina also let me know what her favourite part about designing and creating lolita dresses is. "One of my favorite parts about designing a lolita dress is working with people who have just started their journey in lolita fashion. I’ve been in the fashion for over 13 years myself, so I love being able to offer my experience to them. We start with the style consultation where we whittle down which part of the style they enjoy. I love puzzling together their ideas and colour palette to create a final piece that will grow in their wardrobe. They are always so appreciative to have a unique dress they feel comfortable in. It’s like magic watching the creative process go from sketch to final dress."

(An assortment of KittyKaya creations!)

It's important to celebrate the successes in our lives. Big or small, a success is something worth remembering forever. I asked Christina what is something she is most proud of:

"I always enjoy each piece after I finish creating them but currently in my mind I am most proud of my Lovely Galaxy series. This skirt was originally commissioned by somebody who needed a subtle enough piece to wear around their family. The background is a gradient from pink, purple, blue to represent the bi flag. I recently re-created a T-shirt design which shows off the retro rocket in the print. Together the tee and skirt make an adorable casual outfit."

(Model Bree wearing Lovely Galaxy at A-Kon 2022 fashion show)

I always love to hear what people say is their favourite aspect of fashion to them, whether it's being able to express yourself or making a connection with someone or something.

"My favorite aspect of lolita fashion is when you try on the final coordinate after all your planning. It still feels like magic after all these years to see the whole thing come together."

(Some of the smaller accessories and trinkets from KittyKaya)

Lastly, I asked Christina if she could design ANYTHING in the world, what would it be?

"I always joke with my friends that we should open a Kawaii café. We often have potluck style meet ups and the food is always delicious. I wish I could design the whole café from the decor, menu, to the outfits for staff. We would have extravagant cakes and places to take coordinate shots"

I also love this idea and have definitely thought about what a GHOST GiRL GOODS cafe would look like! (Dako would be the server, but 'm sure he'd forget which table he had to bring each plate to!)

Thanks for your responses Christina! And thank you all for reading. Be sure to check out KittyKaya social networks and like/follow, and check out our other blog posts on events I've attended, KAWAII INTERVIEWS, and more!

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