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MINI Digital KAWAII INTERVIEW - Miss Candyholic

Another week is here another interview has made its way to our blog!! Horay! I've also been working hard on a new collection, as well as working a lot with some new changes in my life outside of GHOST GiRL!!! Big things are coming and I'm grateful~ But that aside, here's this week's digi-view with a super kawaii creator from the New York area!

Bianca Teabout - Designer and Owner of Miss Candyholic

If I'm not mistaken, I actually briefly met Bianca while in NYC for one of Sebastian Masuda's lectures!! That was back in either 2015 (the first lecture I went to) or the second time around in 2018. Regardless of which, I found Bianca's super cute brand to be filled with sweet and comfy pieces, with lots of girly flair.

Bianca started Miss Candyholic in 2013 more so as a hobby since she always loved designing and selling at conventions. She did not pursue it full time until 2020, as the lockdown gave her more time to focus seriously.

"During covid is actually when I decided to pour my heart and soul into my business and leave the 9-5 life. Since I was home all the time, it was the perfect chance to create more products, research business/marketing strategies, and be consistent on social media - as a result my business flourished."

(These bear backpacks make an adorable friend to accessorize with!)

I asked Bianca what her favourite part about designing is:

"Creating something out of nothing is the best feeling in the world! I love being able to think of ideas from my imagination and see it come to life and animated by people."

(Teddybear picnic time!)

I also asked what is the most important aspect of fashion to Bianca. As most creators reply, its all about loving what you wear and expressing yourself through your clothes! "Feeling confident in what you're wearing. No matter what it is, if it makes you feel on top of the world you're doing it right."

As usual, I ask people what is something they are most proud of. I always want to give people a chance to evaluate themselves and be happy with the hard work they put into their brands because it definitely does not go un-noticed! For Bianca, this is what she was most proud of: "I'm proud of my unwavering drive to pursue my passion no matter what anyone else thought about it. Everything I know is self taught, trial and error, and lots of research. Running a business takes more than talent and I'm proud of myself for being so consistent in all areas."

(Lovely details on each garment, like flower shaped buttons, ribbons and ruffles)

Writing these mini interviews also gives me a little insight on what the designers/creators might be working on to release next! This also gives people the incentive to read all the way through to find out the sneak peeks hehe! What does Bianca have planned next? "I'm a huge lover of vintage toys and I'm working on my own toy line inspired by them! I've posted some sneak peaks on my social media but I'm still working on it behind the scenes."

(Alongside the bear backpacks, she's also created some cute cow ones too! Moo~)

And lastly, I asked Bianca if she could make anything in the world, what would she want to make! "I would love to design home decor! I'm super into the fairy cottage aesthetic, and that doesn't stop at fashion, it's a lifestyle. "

(An assortment of customer snaps wearing Miss Candyholic dresses!)

Thanks for your response Bianca! And thank you all for reading. Be sure to check out the Miss Candyholic social networks and website, and check out our other blog posts on KAWAII INTERVIEWS, events I've attended, and more!

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