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MINI Digital KAWAII INTERVIEW - Miss Alphabet

Here we are for another round of mini interviews! Im really excited for when we go to A-Kon and I'll be able to do some in person mini interviews!! We can't wait to be there! In the meantime, please enjoy all these lovely creators who we've showcased here! I love learning about others and how they started their brands/projects, what their goals are, and what fashion means to them. I hope everyone reading also finds these fun and interesting!

This mini interview features a colourful creator from Long Beach, California that loves to transform garments and fabric goods into her own creations, turning retro bedsheets into kawaii fashion!

Elizabeth - Creator of Miss Alphabet

I haven't met Elizabeth in person, but I've heard a lot about her work via social media! I know that Sean (seannicorn) really loves her creations, which she told us in her mini interview. She's even modelled her garments! Maybe next time I head to California, I can meet up with all the kawaii creators/influencers who live there! That would be so much fun!

(@missalphabet on instagram. Screenshot of her most recent posts.)

First off, I started by asking Elizabeth when she started Miss Alphabet and how it came to be~! "Miss Alphabet started in 2004 after studying fashion at a local community college, then discovering the Little Big Girls community on LiveJournal (I'm really showing my age here)! I saw these insanely talented people offering their handmade clothing on eBay, so it taught me that if I want to be a fashion designer I can just be a fashion designer. No student loan debt, wooooo!" She also then added that being the creator and spectator throughout the whole design process was her most favourite part of designing clothing! "...when it's done and in action, I think "I did this." " It's such a great feeling when you see the idea in your head come to life! Inclusivity is also an important aspect to Elizabeth when she is creating clothing for her brand. "My 12-year-old self that felt somewhat excluded during back-to-school shopping would be so excited to learn of the better plus size options there are today (though we can always do better)!" I myself have even been working hard to being more plus size options to GHOST GiRL GOODS. I was really happy when I was able to create the ともだち Sweater Dress in a wider size range, as well as our recent mesh dress pre-order #2! It's nice to hear customers who fit in plus sizes feel safe and welcomed at your shop!

I've always thought the idea of upcycling garments was so cool. I've never really done it myself, but bought some books with some "how-to" tutorials. Miss Alphabet has so many garments that Elizabeth created by upcycling garments! I asked her what made her so interested in doing this:

"Seeing all the prints and fabrics that just aren't offered anymore. I love the feel of bedsheets from the 70's through the 90's. Most cute prints come in quilting weight cottons, which I do use from time to time. But the drape and breathability of the bedsheets is just unmatched."

As always, I want my interviewees to feel like they can humbly brag about their successes! Elizabeth shares with us something she is most proud of: the website! "I built an online store in 2020 and launched it with a new collection in collaboration with artist Miss Jediflip. Months of sample ordering and photoshoots, plus Shopify troubleshooting and boring backend e-commerce stuff led to launch day revenues equal to a week at my day job I had just quit!"

(Take a look at! What a cute slogan!)

Thankfully, events are starting back up again and we get to see our friends, customers, and meet new people too! Miss Alphabet will be at RuPaul's Drag Con this coming May at the Los Angeles Convention Centre! "I am overjoyed that it is coming back after two years of cancellations." She also told us that she'll be releasing some more collaborations with Miss Jediflip. "I also have been focusing on the PopshopLive app so I'll be doing more live sales. Join the fun, won't ya?". I don't know much about PopshopLive, but I do know it involves live selling, sort of like a big video call with potential customers! Sounds like fun! Maybe us here at GHOST GiRL GOODS will look into it~

We can find inspiration in anything! I asked Elizabeth where she finds inspiration, whether through other brands or people. "Did I mention Miss Jediflip? I am honored to work with her. I must also mention Seannicorn, whom you have previously interviewed! I am grateful for everything they've done for me and the endless inspiration they've been! Also, Tavuchi of Spank! I discovered Spank! in 2006 and my brand took a completely different direction from the punk/rockabilly styles I started out with. I've met her twice and I'm honored she knows who I am!" Here's a photo of @seannicorn wearing a custom made skirt by Miss Alphabet! It's printed with unicorns and rainbows, which match Sean perfectly!

(Elizabeth showcasing some of the creations available on the Miss Alphabet website!)

Lastly I asked my favourite question: if you could create ANYTHING in the world, without limitation, what would it be? Elizabeth responded with what sounds to me like an epic launch party! "I recently went to the Stoney Clover Lane x Target pre-launch party in Los Angeles and thought "I want to do something like this." A whole comprehensive collection and a celebratory party to wine and dine my amazing customers. Hire local businesses to help out. An absolute dream come true.

Thanks for your responses Elizabeth! And thank you all for reading. Be sure to check out the Miss Alphabet social networks and subscribe/like/follow. Check out our other blog posts on events I've attended, KAWAII INTERVIEWS, and more!

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