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Gothic and Lolita Market 2nd - Saturday Sept. 28th 2019

I found out about this event kind of last minute, but really glad I got the chance to check it out for a little bit. It was a one day event where local creators sold their goods, alongside a photographer snapping coordinate photos! It took place in a location called Harajuku Space, which is located in the side alleyway near Laforet.

Gothic and Lolita Market [Website / Twitter]

It was VERY BUSY and I didn't want to snap any photos without asking, so I could only make my way to a few artist's tables. I tried to get some photos of the overall space too, but again, I did not want to be disrespectful to anyone, so I couldn't get many.

There were many artists with beautiful handmade accessories and jewelry. Even some artists who create their own lolita dresses and pieces. Most places only accepted cash (wish I had more cash . . . would have bought so much more haha!) Click on any of the photos to view them larger!

HEXEN HAUS [Website / Twitter / Instagram]

They had a bunch of cute accessories and created a special set of Halloween necklaces, rings, and rosettes featuring little cake ghosts!!! I couldn't resist of course, so I had to buy a set for myself (The purple ghost necklace and ring!)

The Dark Side of The Moon - Nail Artist [Twitter]

Some beautiful hand painted faux nails! There were many different styles like gothic and some more sweet!

NANOHANA [Website / Twitter / Ameblo]

Cute animal inspired accessories from a doll artist named Shiro. I loved the necklaces with the dangling tails!

♡てんしのしっぽ☆ by ここたん [Instagram / Twitter]

This artist created jewelry that looks very whimsical and magical! All the colours are so dreamy together!

Lieblich & Elegant [Website / Twitter / Instagram]

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL original lolita dresses! The prints were so elegant and detailed! I got a postcard from their table (the one with the cat on it in the left photo!)

atelier Beatrice [Website / Twitter]

They had a beautiful arrangement of accessories and the coolest one was their wind up doll apron!!! It actually winds up and moves! What a cute concept. I would have totally bought one (the black one) to match a lolita dress I bought from Triple Fortune when they were in Toronto for the event Dear Lolita!

A Closet of Alice [Website / Facebook]

They had many lovely hair accessories and I loved their little strawberry clips!

Here are the remaining photos. These artists didnt have business cards (and then the last photo was just a cute photo spot!) I'm glad I got the chance to come to this event! I really enjoy seeing handmade items and now that Im actually working on a collaboration while on my trip, I feel the value of small, intricate, handmade accessories and how much time goes into each one! Everything here was beautiful and I hope all the artists did well!