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Asian Food Battle - Japan VS Taiwan - Sunday, March 12th 2023

We discovered a 1 day event being held at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre called Asian Food Battle: Japan VS Taiwan.

MUSIC MONSTAH set out on a mission to check out the event and give us the full scoop. We will never turn down an opportunity to attend an event that features yummy foods! I really want to go back to Japan sometime soon so that I can visit different food festivals like I have in the past. But for the meantime, I'll explore different local events to satisfy my travel cravings!

The event website didn't have much information on what was actually happening, so we went in not really knowing what to expect. However, I've been to many events held at the JCCC and hadn't been disappointed!

There were many people at the event, and there were different stage performances happening. Live music, dancing, a matcha/green tea lecture presentation, and a mini Kimono showcase. There was even a cute bear mascot that was representing Taiwan! (I wonder if this was an official mascot from something.)

There were so many different Japanese style foods available, from katsu, curry, yakisoba, ect. but there weren't that many options for Taiwan! (I wonder if something happened last minute and they had to change plans? Because it didn't seem like a food battle anymore...) We were a bit disappointed because we were looking forward to trying new foods. However, there was 1 vendor selling Taiwanese Sausage Burritos and Egg Rice Rolls (the 3rd photo above)

We ended up grabbing yakisoba, takoyaki, meat on rice, red bean mochi, dango, and Taiwanese sausage burrito. Each food was $8 and under, and I'd say the portions were pretty good too! The sausage burrito was SO TASTY!!! I wish I could have eaten more, but it was so filling! The Japanese food was ok. (Unfortunately our takoyaki a bit cold.) The meat on rice was VERY TASTY however!

When we finished eating, we played some festival style games and walked around to check out the vendors. (I forgot to take a photo of the games area and we even made a new friend!)

The vendor in the photo to the left is called @ukiyo.foods and they sold Miso soup balls! MUSIC MONSTAH was very intrigued by this concept. The balls are made with all the toppings already included, so all you need to do is add boiling water! We can't wait to try them out! (and, the lovely owners were so friendly and let us try some samples too!)

We spent a good amount of time at the event and we thought that it could have definitely been organized a bit better (this was an outside group that was hosting the event at the JCCC). But I think the concept was fun! I hope they host more events and maybe they'll be able to organize things a bit better (so that people aren't waiting in such a long line....for the wrong things!)

After the event, we ended our day by watching the new Demon Slayer movie, which was essentially just 3 episodes of the series and not actually a seperate movie story. It was still cool watching it on the big screen though! (and eating popcorn!) Now that spring is almost here, I hope that more events start popping up so we can attend! Next time, we'll have another GHOST GIRL friend visit the event and give you the report!



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