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Vogue FASHION'S NIGHT OUT - Saturday Sept. 14th 2019

I had a great evening spent with great people! Ironically, we all had black and white vibes going on~!

Vogue FASHION'S NIGHT OUT is a fashionable event held for one day, where shops around Omotesando and Harajuku offer special goods, alongside some events and presentations in Omotesando Hills. Sometimes, you were even able to grab some free swag, like buttons, drinks, and food! There were even some live performances happening as well.

We started wandering the back streets of Harajuku, where vendors set up a small section in the middle of the street to display their products. There were some pretty interesting ones, one of which was a guy who was spray painting directly on products. Another was selling "vintage" style toys and trinkets.

During this time wandering, a few of us in the group and I got asked to be part of a video interview for NHK NAO Meets!!!! I was pretty excited! It isn't FOR SURE going to be used in the show, but it has a chance and thats already cool enough!

As we continued to walk, we ended up at Laforet and I met up with Nyun! (6%DOKIDOKI shop boy who joined us on the NEW GENERATION KAWAII Tour) I got to hang out with him and walk around, and even met up with some other people!

On the 6th floor of Laforet, there was a special presentation exhibit called STARRY NIGHT, where live music was being played as the whole room was made to look like a starry sky!! It was SO BEAUTIFUL and peaceful!!

I didn't purchase any special items (because a lot of these items were from designer, high end, big dolla billz stores) Later on that evening, I tried freshness burger for the first time. It was pretty good!

Overall, for so many different reasons, this was a wonderful night and I'm glad I got to spend it with good people around me. I'm looking forward to more events happening during my trip here in Japan!

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