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Sebastian Masuda's FOREVER COLOURS Exhibit - August 30th - Sept. 16th 2019

Sebastian Masuda's most recent art exhibit was displayed in the Roppongi Hills Art and Design Gallery. I've never explored Roppongi, so this was a great chance for me to look around! Before I went in, I found this cute crepe cafe that was very peaceful.

This exhibit was titled FOREVER COLOURS, which was a collection of pieces created using different toys, trinkets, etc. from his travels around the world over the years. His goal was to help evoke memories and nostalgia in the viewers through the different items you may find in the pieces. Before heading inside the gallery space, I noticed some displayes and some of his products for sale in the gallery store.

There were 5 different sections to the gallery (each wall was a different section)

The first one was called "Bring Back My Colours" and "Colourful Rebellion". (Click left and right to view more)

The second section was called "Microcosm. ____ & Me" and "True Colours" I absolutely love how each piece was colour coordinated so perfectly in harmony!!! I wish I had enough money to buy one of his pieces, but it definitely inspired me to make one of my own! (Click left and right to view more)

Next were the 2 largest installations, "As Time Goes By, Colourful Rebellion Clocks" I believe the brightly coloured clock was for MOSHI MOSHI BOX, but I believe they closed down! (They building was replaced by something else)

Then was the Your Bear pieces, as well as one piece (which I did not grab the name of) All the bear pieces were so cute and the last piece reminded me of a Christmas ornament!

Lastly was the mountain of nostalgic items from around the world. It included things like cereal boxes, candy wrappers, kid's meal toys, random old toys, and more!

I felt so inspired to see all these pieces in person!!! Through photos is one thing, but with your own eyes is another! I'm really glad this was still happening while on my trip! I hope that, in the future, I can see more of Sebastian Masuda's artwork in person! It makes me feel like I want to make an art piece when I get home. I probably will!!

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