The Yetis visit GHOST GiRL HQ to start preparations for


June 18th - 20th 2021

Meet our Yeti friends! 


A new friend is joining the Yeti family!

(more info to come)

our exclusive yeticon goodies!

Since we didn't get a chance to see you this year at Yeticon, these items are available for purchase this weekend only (July 10th - 12th) as we start preparations on next year's goodies! Each purchase will come with a free sticker!

(Click on each goodie to go to the shop listing)

Yeti Tees (Sasquatch and Yeti)

Ice Cream Friends

(Colourful and Black+White)

"Yeti-cone" Enamel Pin

GHOST GiRL'S Yeticon Friends! (click right arrow to view more photos)

Yeticon 2018 fashion show video!

jojo's Bizarre Red Light Green Light

Join us for SEASON 2 in 2021!!

Click this link to join the event page!

Check out our 2019 panel fun moments!

We look forward to seeing you at

yeticon 2021!

Yeticon Weekend Website Takeover, and renditions of Yeticon's original mascots were officially approved by Team Yeticon.

Visit the Yeticon website for more details about the con:


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