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More Harajuku Style - the Japanese brands we sell in Canada!

GHOST GiRL GOODS is the only Canadian shop where you can purchase the awesome Japanese streetwear brands 6%DOKIDOKI, NUEZZZ, and HYPER CORE! We work directly with the designers and shop staff to bring you their great products, so you'll always be getting 100% authentic goods!

Why did we start carrying Japanese brands?

I've always wanted to be able to purchase Harajuku street wear in Canada. For a long time, it was very hard to access cool brands without having to use a shopping service, which took so much time to find a reputable one. Some brands eventually made their products available online to international customers. There are many conventions in the US that have Japanese brands and even some shops selling such. But in Canada, specifically Ontario...NOTHING! I wanted to be able to provide fashion lovers access to these great brands without having to pay such a high conversion rates or shipping charges. As well, when people visit our booth at various conventions, they'll be able to see and feel the products first before buying! (You also might be able to try some items on!)

Let's take a look at each brand!

The first Japanese brand we started to carry alongside our original goods! 6%DOKIDOKI is the icon of Harajuku fashion and kawaii style. It has been at the forefront of Harajuku since 1995 and over many years, as created a global outreach. Thanks to 6%DOKIDOKI, many people around the world can experience kawaii and Harajuku fashion. The products that designer Sebastian Masuda creates are absolutely filled with colour and whimsy.

Some of our 6%DOKIDOKI picks, which also include our collaborative rosettes we made for the NEW GENERATION KAWAII tour in 2019!

The brand's description directly from their site:

Discover the very heart of Harajuku and the essence of “kawaii” culture. Crazy colors, shocking designs - let it all stir your imagination and make your heart pound! 6%DOKIDOKI is one brand that constantly aims above and beyond, with original designs and inventions that challenge the status quo.

Kawaii isn’t just fashion. It’s culture. Crazy fun, crazy colors and crazy love will tempt you to reach out for all that is original: accessories, clothes, show-stage, talk and objects, that will stir your imagination and make your heart beat for 6%DOKIDOKI.

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Our second streetwear brand, NUEZZZ, is designed by former galaxxxy (another Japanese brand) artist Jun Arai. This brand is themed with 80s nostalgic themes, but came to life a few years ago in 2018. The psychedelic patterns and colours will make your eyes widen! They do not have their own shop, but sell their products in various clothing stores in the Tokyo area! They categorize their designs as "offering NU-GRF-X FASHION WEAR" according to their website!

Some of our NUEZZZ picks, which also includes our collaboration item DAY DREAMZZZ

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Our most recent added brand, HYPER CORE, opened in 2010. Hicasy, the designer of the brand, has been a long time artist who was even featured in some KERA magazines for his work! The designs of this brand have more edge to them, which is very unique within the Harajuku fashion scene. We have not carried many HYPER CORE products yet, but we would like to get more soon!

We created a mini collaboration set with Hisacy, the designer of HYPER CORE! You can check out our collab items. (We hope to carry some more HYPER CORE items once we visit Japan again!)

The brand's description directly from their site:

Based on the punk rock style, we propose items that mix Japanese culture such as art / music / movie / 90's Harajuku that designer Hisacy has been deeply involved in. Every day from Tokyo / Harajuku to the world.


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