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GHOST GiRL'S Character Concept Contest - #gggcharactercontest

From June 1st - 22nd, we held a fun contest where people could use their own creative choice to recreate one of our GHOST GiRL and friends characters! Everyone was allowed to submit up to 2 entries, however, only one prize per person! All the entries were SO GREAT! This blog covers all the winners and entries we received. Thank you to everyone for putting wonderful efforts into your entries! We hope you had fun creating your entry and we hope you look forward to fun community activities like these!

GHOST GiRL Winner - Entry by @adaydreamspill - GHOST GiRL Transformation

This make up look is so ON POINT! I absolutely love the way they did this look~!

Pompoji Winner - Entry by @shannanoot - Pompoji Magical Girl Charm

An absolutely adorable clay keychain and just looks so hug-able, and matches the Cotton Candy brooch from our Cotton Candy skirt so perfectly~! I love the fur details!

Dako Winner - Entry by @boulette.pdf - A Magical Moment

As soon as I saw this entry, I couldn't get over how CUTE Dako's face looked!!!! HE HAS SUCH A SINCERE SMILE AND THIS SCENE IS ADORABLE!

MUSIC MONSTAH Winner - Entry by - Party Hard!

The post included a small video that had a really funky song!!! It matched the artwork so well and everything vibed together! I love the styling of MUSIC MONSTAH! It looks like this is how MUSIC MONSTAH and GHOST GiRL met as kids!

Pearla Winner - Entry by @mishelles_art - Pearla

This style of Pearla is unique and has much a mature girl style~! Definitely a cool take on her overall outfit choices and make up! (Also, for some reason this reminded me of the cat captain from Treasure Planet!)

All the entries we received!! They are all wonderful and great and deserve applause!!!

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