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ANGELIC PRETTY MUSEUM - October 26th - 27th 2018

I visited the Angelic Pretty Museum at Laforet in Harajuku. This special event was only being held for 2 days, so Im happy I got a chance to check it out. To my lolita friends and anyone else who loves lolita, this is for you! Im sad I was not able to arrange to make it for the second day (October 27th). There will be a fashion show held on that day with special guest models.

Angelic Pretty is personally my favourite lolita brand (4/7 of my lolita pieces are AP). My first lolita dress was also from AP (Wonder Story, which I purchased in 2012 at the AP Paris store!)

This was a free event held on the top floor of Laforet. There were a couple of special goods being sold, and they had a lovely flower display at the entrance of the event.

As you enter through the gallery, all staff members were wearing Angelic Pretty of course. The first section of the floor was the timeline photo wall (The History of Angelic Pretty).

Angelic Pretty started off as a small shop in 1979, selling goods for as low as ¥2,000! (for those of you who may not know, AP goods are now all over ¥10,000 (this isnt including small items and accessories) ) From then until now, AP has been able to open up several different stores around the world and showcase their dresses in many fashion shows and tea party events. (click to view larger)

Next, I walked over to the Archive Collection, a display with dresses over the years!

(View more photos by clicking left and right of the photos, or click the small previews below)

There was also a special Textiles Collection displaying a few pieces.

In the center of the room, there were 2 Exclusive Collection showcases. These dresses were (most likely) only used during fashion shows or special events as a "showcase" piece.

(View more photos by clicking left and right of the photos, or click the small previews below)

There was also a little area called Ateliet Pretty that looked like a little creative work space! There were rolls or fabric and lace, as well as some sketches too.

There was a showcase piece (Special Dress area) that was made using 4 different original Angelic Pretty prints. Dating from 2014 - 2018.

The final section of the museum was a Memorial Photo area. This included original artworks, magazine pages from KERA and Gothic & Lolita Bible, and photo shoot pictures.

I wish I could have worn a lolita outfit to the event, but packing a dress and petticoat and shoes and all the accessories wouldnt really fit in my suitcase T.T Oh well! I had a really great time exploring this event! I hope all who are reading this enjoy if you werent able to attend!

Here are some super cute attendees, which I asked to take their photo!

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